Exploring, enjoying and protecting the planet for ourselves - by locking everyone else out!

I guess this sorta sums it up.

This domain  is for sale. All proceeds will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Friends of the Rubicon and Save the Trails.

None of the proceeds will go to the Sierra Club, Center for Biodiversity or any other 'environmental' group that supports the closure of existing trails and roads on our public lands.

Please visit the following websites for more information.

Access Advocates

Blue Ribbon Coalition 

California Association of 4WD Clubs

California Off Road Vehicle Association 

Del Albright - Friends of the Rubicon 

Don't Lock Up Australia

Eyes of the Inyo

Recreation Outdoors Coalition 

Sierra Access Coalition 

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest 

Stewards of the Sequoia - Stop the PCT land grab

Trails in Trouble

United Four Wheel Drive Association 

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